Grim: I can’t believe this. You just wont learn nor listen..

Bridget: I didn’t mean any harm by it. I just think Sims should talk more about death.. It’s, after all, inevitable.

Grim: Oh.. So we are at the same side.. Well, what the hell. Go back to your parents then.

Bridget: Seriously?

Grim: We’ll see later, you and I.

Bridget: Thank plumbob it’s ower.

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Bachelor challenge time?

Play a different family for a bit?

Throw in a random Sim to cause chaos (Sam?) A gold digger after the family fortune?

Kill her again? :P

I’m not doing bachelor challenge this time (although it’s fun) ‘cause Amanda went through it. :/ I think I have to get a random sim in that save but the story behind it.. Well, we’ll see what happens. I think I’ll play a bit without thinking and see what my game makes me to do. :D 


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tumblr Image Size Protest



What is going on with the image click-through size limit?   It used to be we could post large-ish pictures and click through on our feeds to a pop-up LARGER than the 500px limit.  

This MUST be a malfunction!  Let’s all INFORM tumblr of this 500px malfunction!  

This is the help link:

What to say?  You could say something like “I can no longer click on images in my feed to see a larger size than 500px.  Please fix this!  It is a necessary feature.”  This is OUR platform.  Let’s make it known to them we need this and we need it to work easily for all users!

Please reblog (or please help come up with a better idea!)

So it is not just me, then. Tumblr, pull you act together, we need our bigger pictures!

Really? Why!? What is the use of teeny tiny pictures? We need to see the full size image to actually see the what’s in the picture. Come on! This is ridiculous!

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