Bridget: I hope you understand that this was just one time. I don’t want a relationship with my sisters boyfriend.

Kenton: You are as bad as your sister! First you flirt and make me fall for you and then you throw it all away! What’s wrong with you two?

Bridget: Hey! I’m not the one who cheated here! You said you wanted to “have some fun” in the tree house.

Kenton: But I thought you really like me!

Bridget: Don’t even go there! We just met. We don’t even know each other!

Misha: Gimme a kiss love.

Kenton: No Misha.

Misha: But why? I thought you loved me.

Kenton: You embarrassed me. I proposed, you said no, and now you want to act like nothing happened.

Misha: Why can’t we be like nothing happened.? I still feel the same..

Kenton: I think I don’t.

First time I see that moodlet. Oh, and way to go Misha! Before my game crashed you proposed him! Strange girl..

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